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Designing the User Experience

By E-Cubed 2 years ago

Of course you are experienced. Anyone who has navigated a site to purchase goods, gather information or received entertainment has had a user experience. You either found the site easy to navigate and use, which means you are likely to return; Or you waited for a video to load, struggled to locate the shopping cart, or vainly sought an establishment’s hours of operation only to give up in frustration.

In other words, a website user experience (UX) determines whether or not a visitor is likely to return. Since most businesses and organizations rely on their websites for a first impression, it isn’t difficult to equate failing to return to a website with failing to visit a traditional brick and mortar business..

As a business, how do you align customer experience with user experience and ensure that customers, and potential customers, return?

Designing the User Experience

Start by designing your website with the user in mind. You need to determine your users’ likes and dislikes, consider the types of users you want to attract and stay true to your organization’s goals and mission.

Take for instance, Brewster Travel. With a broad customer base with very different destination and vacation experiences, it was important to identify each group and align the appropriate sections of the website to their wants and needs.

Visitors to the site are drawn in through visual cues, immersive photography, intuitive navigation and a streamlined path to booking.

Good user experience should integrate with business philosophy, help foster trust and make the overall interaction simple.

Integrating Customer Experience and User Experience

Customers expect sites that load quickly on a variety of devices while addressing their specific needs. Whether a potential customer reaches your site for a service or to gain more information, a well-designed site fulfills that need but also provides a bit more. Elements of story-telling and action engage customers and provide them with positive experiences. Selling is one aspect of the bigger picture. You want that customer to have a positive experience, become an advocate for your business and continue to come back.

Much like the goals of a customer experience professional, user experience aims to foster a relationship with your website visitor. A website is an integral part of every business and should be designed with the user in mind and needs to align with all of your touch points to deliver a complete customer experience.

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