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City of North Vancouver

Vibrant and Diverse Waterfront Community
By E-Cubed 2 years ago

City of North Vancouver








The City of North Vancouver’s vision is to be a vibrant, diverse and highly livable city that strives to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of their community.


The starting point

The city’s user experience wasn’t aligned with their overall vision and it didn’t appropriately reflect their brand and image. Their site navigation was confusing and visitors expressed difficulty finding the information they needed.  Within the organization, the website editors were frustrated that publishing lacked ease of use and was a time consuming process.



Municipal websites are typically large and complex – they have a diverse audience, thousands of documents and deep navigational structure. Information needs to be readily available to visitors and employees. From council minutes and by-laws, to bid notifications and zoning information; the audience is as varied as the information they are looking for.



We facilitated stakeholder interviews and surveys to identify the problems that needed to be solved.  We gathered detailed information on the needs and wants of their diverse audience and that fed the development of personas and use cases, informing the architecture and design process.  We helped to prioritize and foster internal buy-in to support the project success. A careful evaluation of technology was also central to project success –we had to find the right fit for the organization’s process, the skill level of their staff and the overall culture.

Our approach included

  • Effective use of whitespace, color and typography to enhance readability and create a welcoming experience
  • Flexible Call To Actions that provide awareness across the site for important information, notifications, events etc.
  • A variety of photo and video galleries to showcase all the activities in the community
  • Task oriented navigation with strong visuals cues to help visitors quickly find the information they need (I Want To, A-Z and Popular Pages)
  • Online transactional services centralized for convenience and more efficient public services
  • Social media integration
  • User friendly and powerful site wide faceted search
  • Custom by-law search for over 6000 documents
  • Unified Events Calendar – ability for visitors to submit events
  • RSS integrated on popular pages so visitors receive notification when any updates are made
  • Sitecore CMS – enterprise digital experience platform
  • Extensible inheritance model
  • Page architecture that provided flexibility for diverse content

“E-Cubed has proven to be very knowledgeable and experienced in the area of web design and enterprise content management. It’s not just the look and feel of a website that drives E-Cubed; it’s how effective the site is for the business. E-Cubed listens and quickly understands new requests. They are able to turn our requests into functioning components of our website. They also want to ensure there is value for us in the work they do and always want to understand what we are ultimately trying to achieve. I highly recommend the services of E-Cubed”

Paul Boutin, PMP
Manager, Business Systems, Information Technology


  • Significantly higher traffic rates across the site, lower abandonment and greater overall user satisfaction
  • Increased access to information through better navigation and robust search mechanisms across the site
  • Increased authoring flexibility and streamlined publishing across the organization – we removed publishing bottlenecks and eliminated duplication of effort
  • Improved visibility, created strong brand alignment, helped to provide more transparency and increased confidence in local government