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The Basics of Interaction Design

By E-Cubed 2 years ago

A Working Definition for Interaction Design

There is a difference between the newer field of interaction design and the longstanding fields of web design and graphic design. For over thirty years, web designers have created web pages for every kind of organization. For decades longer, graphic designers have created images using commercial art techniques, photographs, and other types of visual media. Interaction design incorporates some aspects of web design and graphic design, but our discipline is more than just combining words and pictures. Our designers give great thought to arranging elements on a user’s screen to maximize the customer experience. This includes elements that a user clicks, taps, types, or swipes while on the site. Each action that a user takes on a site either adds to or detracts from the overall experience.

Why Interaction Design Matters

The easiest way to understand this discipline is to consider the user’s experience. A website is a system of tools, and the interaction designer considers how these tools are arranged and how they behave alone and in tandem with each other. Our designers look at the user’s experience from different perspectives. We analyze how the prototype website performs in usability tests. These ensure that users can accomplish their desired tasks with no hassles. We look at whether a website achieves the site owner’s goals. We look at creating a user interface that is universally intuitive. There are other approaches to interface design, but all of them have the goal of defining end users and their likely needs and wants. We create interactive pages that satisfy those needs in a comprehensive manner.

How Interaction Design Benefits the Organization

We like to think that our services are essential to every business and organization. Honestly, some organizations can achieve their basic goals for a website using a cookie-cutter design. For an organization with diverse audiences and the desire to build a brand, it makes sense to hire experts in interaction design. We concentrate on how to best achieve an organization’s marketing goals through a website design and how to arrange the tools on the site to enable users to conduct multiple transactions. We achieve a clear articulation of your goals for the website and study targeted user needs before designing any site elements or features. We conduct extensive testing at every stage of the project to ensure that your site achieves its purpose.

Why Serve Your Customers Through Interaction Design

Before investing technology dollars in a new website or revamping an existing one, take time to define your project goals. When a user accesses your site on a web or mobile device, they have certain expectations for the experience. Your site will either meet those expectations or fall short.

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